Tamil Nadu Climate Change Mission

Climate Change is an undisputed reality causing severe impact on the natural environment, human lives, economic assets and activities thus posing an urgent need for comprehensive climate action.

The challenge of Climate Change calls for extraordinary vision, leadership, understanding and wisdom. Human ingenuity and intellect will play a critical role in addressing issues arising out of Climate Change impact.

With the climate crisis becoming more widespread and severe, the state government of Tamil Nadu understands the importance for climate policy and planning. In accordance with the budget announcement made in the year 2021-2022, by the Hon'ble Minister for Finance and Human Resources Management, the State government has launched Tamil Nadu Climate Change Mission to embark on Climate Change adaptation and mitigation activities.


    Invest in a transformational planning & programming methodology by adopting integrated strategies, planning and policymaking to maximise co-benefits between mitigation, adaptation and sustainable development.

    To expand collective human action to respond to climate change by investing in definite strategies, research & evidence, coordination with line departments and well-planned measures for maximum efficiency.

    Reduce Greenhouse Gases developing methods for emission reduction by use of efficient public transport systems. use of clean and green energy, alternative fuel resources, better monitoring etc.

    Work closely with stakeholder departments on eco alternative solutions to single use plastic, sustainable practices for disposal of solid waste and also, work with partners and expert institutions to develop new technologies in the sector.

    Climate courses and curricula in Universities, Institutions, Agencies etc., shall be encouraged under the Mission

    As the leader's mission, efforts would be taken to utilize Green Technology to create new employment opportunities (Green Jobs) as a boost to the economy.

    Focus Areas


    Sustainable Agriculture & Allied Sectors


    Water Resources


    Forest and Biodiversity


    Coastal Area Management


    Strategic Knowledge & Climate Literacy


    Disaster Management & Mitigation


    Health & Sanitation


    Enhanced Energy Efficiency & Solar


    Mission on Sustainable Habitat & Green Mobility


    Gender and Climate Change


    Children and Youth for Climate Action


    Eco-Friendly Technologies


    Rehabilitation of coastal habitats

    Formation of Bio- shields through cultivation of casuarina, palmyrah, cashew and other specialised species.

    Propagating Mangrove plantations in coastal districts where it naturally grows in local ecosystems. Protecting and enhancing the growth of seagrass and coral reefs.


    Stakeholders’ workshops on integrating Climate Change adaptation and mitigation to enhance development planning shall be conducted

    Capacity building workshop for local communities & Government line departments

    Prioritizing adaptation & mitigation planning of sectors in districts which require immediate attention to Climate Change vulnerability.

    Highlighting scientific evidence on Climate Change at Regional & Global arenas and focusing on successful indigenous & technological interventions for community, eco-friendly adaptation for building resilience in the society.

    Climate Literacy and International Climate Summit

    Create awareness on Climate Change impact for Government Functionaries, School & College Students, Farmers, Fisher Folks, Industries & Self Help Groups.

    Educating students on climate science, adaptation and mitigation activities.

    Best practices and practical solutions to mitigate Climate Change through media & digital communication platforms like small videos, Apps etc.

    Create a platform for engaging students in Climate Change Awareness Campaigns on Green Days to actively involve them in group discussions, digital poster making street plays, skits, podcast, public campaigns etc


    Reducing Emissions from Mass Transport – A Baseline study by Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board

    Rehabilitation of coastal habitats for climate change adaptation through eco-friendly solutions: Formation of Bio-shields with Casuarina, Palmyrah, Cashew, Mangroves and other specialised species. Propagating Mangroves, Seagrass beds and Coral reefs. – A Baseline study by Tamil Nadu Forest Department

    Waste to Energy: A Pathway to Clean Power Generation - A Baseline study by Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board

    Carbon Enrichment Programme – A Baseline study by Forest Departments

    Sustainable Habitat: Energy saving measures in buildings to reduce the impact of climate change – A Baseline study by Department of Environment

    Climate Literacy – A Baseline study and media plan by Department of Environment

    Climate Smart Villages - A Baseline study by Department of Environment

    Climate Studio

    Climate Studio

    The Government of Tamil Nadu initiated an exclusive climate change research centre the Centre for Climate Change and Disaster Management (CCCDM) at Anna University to strengthen understanding of climate change and to enhance adaptation capacity. A state of art Climate Studio was established at CCCDM, Anna University during 2019 with the financial support of Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit) GIZ, Delhi with a high performance Super computer (200TB) and digital learning accessories.

    The Department of Environment and Climate Change, Government of Tamil Nadu has provided funding of Rs.34.5 million during 2022-2023 for Operationalization of Climate Studio to assess the climate risk and vulnerability on different sectors such as water resources, agriculture, forestry, coastal ecosystem and sustainable habitat.