Meendum Manjappai

A Statewide campaign, "Meendum Manjapai" is a call for back to basics and into the future with traditional nature based solutions to create consciousness among public to get back to cloth bags.

The People's Campaign against Plastic, launched by the Hon'ble CM of Tamil Nadu, in December 2021, as a revival of the Eco friendly traditional yellow bag in the fight against throwaway plastic bags.

Manjappai Vending Machines installed in 20 public places including malls & markets across Chennai

Collaboration with Self Help Groups (SHGS) to manufacture cloth bags

The Government of Tamil Nadu will soon launch the "Manjappai Express Train" in association with Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) to raise awareness on the hazards of plastics


Rehabilitation of coastal habitats

Propagating Mangrove plantation in coastal districts where it naturally grows in local ecosystems and protecting and enhancing the growth of seagrass and coral reef.


Carbon Enrichment Programme

Improved carbon sequestration and restoring soil organic carbon. Increased water holding capacity and nutrient availability beneficial for plant growth and microorganisms and Reclamation of land after bio-mining.


Climate Studio

Established within the Anna University Campus at a cost of INR 38 Million

Provide updated high resolution robust cadastral level Regional Climate Scenario (for micro level Policy planning)

Set up in partnership with GIZ & UK MET office for supply of Climate Modelling Softwares, IPCC Assessment Reports (AR)

Dissemination of Climate Information to District/ Block levels

Build scientific capacity to develop Climate Projections and determine vulnerability to support adaptation


Sustainable habitat

Energy saving measures in government and private buildings, both independent homes and apartments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from energy production and consumption.


Hydrological Regimes

Reducing pollution and enhancing hydrological links among wetland complexes. Evaluating water quality by utilising remote sensing information and through hydrological surveys.


Tamil Nadu State Action Plan for Climate Change 2.0 (TNSAPCC)

Coastal States like Tamil Nadu are amongst the most vulnerable regions susceptible to the impacts of Climate Change, thus calling for urgent & effectual actions on both Mitigation and Adaptation that would stabilize the region's Climate Emergency redressal.

India's National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) is aimed at addressing climate-related challenges through its National Missions. Hence, a similar State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC) is essential to ensure that the objectives align with both National and Regional development priorities.


Climate Smart Villages

Ten Demo villages to be developed as Climate Smart Villages (CSV) with Mini Data Centre at Village and other facilities including Solar Roof, Wastewater management, Rain water harvesting etc



Preserving habitats suitable for water birds, limiting the spread of invasive macrophytes, and maintaining the variety of fish species richness


Carbon Neutral Koyembedu Market Project

Koyambedu is one of the largest market in Asia and the State Government envisages to establish it as a Zero Waste & Carbon Neutral market.

Koyambedu Market to include:

  • GreenHouse Gas Inventory
  • Solar Roof
  • Bio Methanization Plant
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Plastic Free Market
  • Trained traders & shoppers on sustainable practices